Nathan Storey

Civic Technologist // Urban Planner // Product Manager

Nathan Storey is an urban planner, civic technologist, open data junkie, and map geek. He was the Product Manager for Ontodia, a NYC based open data start-up. Nathan’s product development at Ontodia included, an encyclopedia of data about NYC, and the upcoming PediaCities, with data dashboards for all US cities. Previous projects include civic engagement websites City, and VoteScope, a browser app prototype built for the New York City Campaign Finance Board to help voters find information about local elections. Nathan has a Masters degree in Urban Planning with a concentration in GIS and civic technology from Hunter College. He is a member of BetaNYC.

Vote Scope

VoteScope was developed by a small team over a two week period for the 2012 Code for Change competition.

“Change” prize, 2nd Place Winner at the NYU Wagner and NYC Digital Code for Change Hackathon, VoteScope NYC beta is an app we designed and built in two weeks.  It provided election insight during the Nov 6th 2012 election, including your voting districts, where to vote, your local and national candidates, their parties, responsibilities of the office they were running for, how to contact them and see their webpages, and where your candidates get their money.

The web app, produced in English, Spanish, and Spanglish, received 2000 visitors after one day of social media promotion on the day of the election, with an average page view of 2 minutes 46 seconds, suggesting that people thoroughly scrolled through and investigated the candidate information we provided.

After the election we are working to incorporate results and more information about the political system. Our mission is to help people understand politics, and are interested in partnering with organizations who can help us reach underrepresented minorities and groups with a history of lackluster political involvement.

About the Hackathon:


Here’s the Global Post article.

We recently present the app in the meetup Open NY & 21st Century Democracy and Technology:


Nathan Storey (Marketing)

Rene Yap (Back-end Development)

Maria Rabinovich (UX and Front-end Development)

Valentina Camacho  (Designer and Content Strategist)

Style Wars is a classic documentary about hip hop culture produced in 1983.

  • Developed the blog
  • Migrated the website backend from html to WordPress
  • Managed the Facebook page for a six month period during which fan numbers increased from 16,000 to 23,000.
  • Developed and managed a Kickstarter campaign for Style Wars that successfully raised over $37,000, more than $9,000 above its goal.

Violin Monster - a street musician based in Ann Arbor, MI (full disclosure, he’s my brother) - a startup website that enables crowd-funding for local environmental projects

  • Developed digital storytelling program and social media strategy
  • Produced 12 videos and distributed them through Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Successfully applied for a $25,000 grant from the Fledgling Foundation to ramp up digital storytelling program

City Atlas - a new website about urban sustainability developed by the CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities and Artist as Citizen

  • Developed content curation strategy
  • Managed three teams of interns responsible for content generation
  • Assisted with backend development
  • Presented site progress at 2011 Festival of Ideas in NYC and at 2011 Rockefeller Foundation Earth Day Staff conference
  • Organized Arts, Culture, and Technology Meetup in 2011 at Google’s NYC headquarters that featured City Atlas

Occupy Videos - showcase of important early videos from the Occupy Wall Street movement

  • Designed WordPress site in one weekend to coincide with the release of Consensus, a film about the decision-making process of OWS that I worked on with the Meerkat Media Collective.